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Hassaku-no Uamadashi festival (September)

A feature in Tomonoura, which was revived in 2002. A Hassaku horse (horse model on a carriage) is carried around the cit


Geta-Olympic Festival (The middle of September)

The event holds games including a giant geta (footware) sabari (pulling), an obstacle race using geta and Bingo tatami m


Utsumi Fureai (exchange) Festival (The middle of October)

Come join in the clam catching, or fish scooping on the stage. There are also stages filled with music, dance and laught


Rose of autumn exhibition (The middle of October)

The contest site displays all the entries of colorful cut or arranged flowers.


Fukuyama chrysanthemum exhibition (From mid-Octber to mid-Novembe)

Exhibits approximately 1600 pots of big and small chrysanthemums, cascade-style bonsai and creative flower garden. Durin


Fukuyama gardening festival (The late of October)

The festival features a variety of events, including the exhibition of western orchids, wild grasses and classic plants,


Ichidate-taisai Festival at Bingo Ichi-no-miya Kibitsu Shrine (The late of November)

The Ichidate Big Festival is said to be a reproduction of a Fukuyama market from medieval times. In late November approx


Dragnet fishing sightseeing show in Yokoshima Island ((From mid-April to the end of October (scheduled)))

A large catch of shrimp is expected by all who come for trawl-net sightseeing in summer. You can get fresh caught fish a

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