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Japanese traditional music instrument "KOTO" playing in Taichoro reception hall (From Octber to November, Saturdays during February to March)

Famous koto music, for example "Haru no Umi (Spring Sea)" a composition by Michio Miyagi based on the image of Tomonoura


Tomo Machinami Hina Festival (Tomo Machinami Hina Festival (From February 17 (Thursday) to March 13 (Sunday)))

Remaining old urbane houses, stores and Japanese inns on the Tomonoura streets open the Hina Festival decoration handed


Kannabe wood festival (March 16 (Sunday))

Enjoy "Jumbo Okonomi-yaki" three meters across. You can also enjoy the arm wrestling, stages of demon child dance as wel


Dragnet fishing sightseeing show in Yokoshima Island ((From mid-April to the end of October (scheduled)))

A large catch of shrimp is expected by all who come for trawl-net sightseeing in summer. You can get fresh caught fish a


Fixed net fishing sightseeing show in Tashima Island ((From mid-April to May 31 (Tuesday) (scheduled)))

Casually enjoyable fixed net sightseeing. 9:30 Leave Hakozaki fishing port -> 12:00 Return to port / Lunch, featuring


Sea bream fishing sightseeing show in Tomonoura ((From April 28 (Saturday) to May 20 (Sunday), May 26 (Saturday), May 27 (Sunday): no postponement in case of rain))

The famous feature in Tomo besides beautiful scenery and numerous historic sites is the sea bream fishing performed in M


Fukuyama Rose Festival (From May 19 (Saturday) to 20 (Sunday))

In May when Fukuyama City flower “roses” come into bloom with elegant scents, various events including a cut rose contes


Fukuyama Tonoura fireworks event in Bentenjima Island (May 26(Saturday), the next day if it rains)

In the end of May, when early summer comes to the Seto Inland Sea, fireworks are displayed in the sky of Benten-jima Isl

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