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Otebi Festival (2nd Saturday night in July)

Japanese drums break the silence and create strong beats. Upon the appearance of these drums, three large torches four m


Gion Matsuri Festival (The middle of July)

Local people from the old four villages carry three portable shrines and parade in the town. On the final day of the fes


Umibiraki (beach openning ceremony) at Crescent Beach (From the beginning of July to the middle of August)

This is the formal start of the ocean-bathing season at Crescent Beach. Various events including the Japanese drum perfo


Umibiraki (beach openning ceremony) at Tomonoura swimming beach (From the middle of July to the middle of Augus)

The formal start of the ocean-bathing season at the municipal Tomonoura Bathing Beach. Various events including a prayer


Chinowa-Ring Kuguri O-oharae Ceremony (The beginning of August)

Prayers are offered for everyone’s good health and protection against evil, as participants walk through a large ring of


Fukuyama Summer Festival  (From August 13 to 15 (scheduled))

The festival of "Niagari Odori (dance)" designated as an intangible cultural heritage of Hiroshima Prefecture, takes pla


Ekiya-cho Summer Festival "Sassaka" (The middle of August)

This is a Bon Festival dance based on local bon dance handed down in the region from the old days, as well as a newly cr


Festivity with Flame and Note, "Hibiki Matsri" (Late August)

Japanese traditional performance such as kagura dance and drum, centering on the “Hane Odori” dance handed down from old


Dragnet fishing sightseeing show in Yokoshima Island ((From mid-April to the end of October (scheduled)))

A large catch of shrimp is expected by all who come for trawl-net sightseeing in summer. You can get fresh caught fish a


Sea bream fishing sightseeing show in Tomonoura ((From May 1 (Sunday) to May 22 (Sunday): no postponement in case of rain))

The famous feature in Tomo besides beautiful scenery and numerous historic sites is the sea bream fishing performed in M

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