Tomonoura, located approximately at the center of the Seto Inland Sea, is a port town that has flourished as a safe haven for seamen waiting for favorable tides since olden times. The scenic beauty women from a calm...

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Tomo Townscape Doll Festival

Tomo Townscape Doll Festival

Shops, ryokan (Japanese style inns), and machiya (traditional wooden townhouses) on the streets of Tomonoura exhibit Hina dolls having been handed down generation after generation. You can see treasured Hina dolls that were created during the Edo period through the Meiji period.

Period: Late February to mid-March
Site: All across Tomo

Tomonoura Taiami Sea Bream Netting Festival

Tomo Townscape Doll Festival

Watch a fish haul as a group of fishermen on fishing boats track down, net and haul in, in one single swoop, a school of red sea bream. This local fishing technique boasts 380 years of spirit and muscle.

Period: Early to mid-May
Site: Offshore of Sensuijima Island

Fukuyama Tomonoura Bentenjima Island Fireworks Display

Tomo Townscape Doll Festival

At this seasonal tradition that signals the beginning of summer in Setouchi, flreworks add to the atmosphere that is so unique to Tomonoura. Before the display, local residents and children perform traditional Japanese “Aiya-bushi” entertainment.

Period: Last Saturday of May
Site: All across Tomo (Launch site: Bentenjima Island)

Otebi Shinto Ritual

Tomo Townscape Doll Festival

Three giant torches (called Otebi) approximately 150kg in weight are carried up a series of shrine steps to the hall of worship in a display of fortitude and passion for tradition. This Shinto ritual of fire that colors a single summer night orange and red in Tomonoura is one of Japan’ s three great fire festivals.

Period: Night before the second Sunday of July
Site: Nunakuma Shrine